Living in a wide and open suburban setting will provide residents the kind of quality lifestyle they’ve ever dreamed for. When you’re able to use and enjoy all the facilities and amenities and engage in activities with love ones together,  you can say that  you are living the life. 

What can you expect from TRAVA Greenfield? 

This community has solar-powered areas in the clubhouse as well as solar roof-panel ready model homes that are definitely environment-friendly. All their utilities are also 100% underground. 

What a refreshing sight to behold everyday are the open spaces, parks and playgrounds that have trees, bushes and blooms all-year round. A little under half of this property’s sight is like what was mentioned.  It is definitely worth the brighter mornings and serene evenings  that you would experience here. 

There is a Grand Clubhouse Complex where families and neighbors can converge for regular meetings, small get-togethers or maybe special occasions like Christmas Parties or New Year’s Eve parties. 

There is also a Social Hall as well as function and recreation  rooms where families can gather to celebrate special milestones and occasions in their lives like birthdays, wedding showers, baptismal parties, debutante parties, graduations, promotions or just simple family or friends’ reunions. Simple weekend catch-ups with a big group of family and relatives can be done here as well if you feel you need a space bigger than your home.  Exciting times to have fun and bond with people who mean most to you. Spend it here within your own neighborhood. No need to go out and spend money, time and effort. Everything  is possible here. 

As the days get hotter, fret not. Within the neighborhood is a pool area with a number of pools – a lap pool and adult pool.  Of course, kids will not be left behind with their own kiddie pools with matching  pool deck. Parents and their children plus friends, relatives and neighbors can plan out something for weekend or holidays, even if it’s not summer. Join in the fun as you swim and play together in the pools with love ones. Or you may just want to chill and lounge – read your favorite book, just appreciate all the wonderful views around you. 

The kids will have a lot of good playing time since there is a place all to themselves – a Children’s Pavilion. They can play here and do whatever they fancy at the moment. Parents need not worry since their kids are safe and protected within the community. 

The active and health buffs will have a heyday here since there are dedicated bike and jogging lanes in the neighborhood.  As you walk, run, jog and bike in the mornings or early or perhaps, late evenings – be refreshed by all the greens around you, as you breathe in the cool, fresh and crisp air. Soak in all the sceneries around you – with patches of mountainous ranges and hills looming over as you pass by. 

Or form teams within your family or neighbors as you engage in basketball games for some weekly bonding sports. Plan and organize friendly games and invite family ad friends to cheer you on If basketball is not your cup of tea – there’s a tennis court that you can also play around. Who knows, this might be  the starting ground of future national tennis champions – that’s a  welcome thought. 

For families who want to bond in a different way  through regular gym workouts, perhaps at least 3 times a week – they can do so here with a fitness gym equipped with modern, high tech gym equipment. You can save time and money as you need not enroll in those pricey gym memberships outside. A family that exercises together – keeps fit and healthy together. Pretty cool, isn’t it?  Or you may want to do some great dancing as well  - within the compound is a Dance Studio, too. It’s nice to have your kids train on early dancing lessons to get them interested especially if they want to pursue dancing later on.

  • Main social hall
  • Fitness gym
  • Recreation rooms
  • Function rooms
  • Children’s pavilion
  • Pool Area
  • Dance studio
  • Admin office
  • Board room
  • Kitchen & preparation room
  • Driver’s lounge
  • Tennis Court
  • Basketball Court
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